Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Molly and Belle

This is Molly's new best friend Belle. Belle called Molly and said come over for a quick romp and swim. Molly packed her little swimsuit and ball and charged out the door.
Belle likes to stand on the top step and cool her toes. Molly, " Let's jump in!!!"
Belle, " Are you crazy? And get my fur wet!!"

Look this is the way it is done. Grab the ball and swim.

Go Molly get the ball and bring it to me......

Hey come back here with the ball. Look you are all wet. Let's run really fast.

Gosh Molly you sure do like the water.

Hey Grandma and Grandpa...Look at me wheee.....
Footnote: Oh brother I guess I have way too much time on my hands.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea Time

On Saturday May 9, 2009, the second annual Women's Afternoon Tea was held as a fundraiser for Another Way, a home for abused women. Over 66 ladies enjoyed fabulous tea sandwiches, scones and savories.

Exquisite strawberry and lemon ginger scones served with lemon curd and Davonshire Cream.

Chocolate dipped orange Madelines, teapot sugar cookies and double fudge brownie chunks.

Open-face cucumber with salmon cream, cherry walnut chicken salad , ham and cheese spirals and cheese straws.

The ladies were delighted with the table decorations, fine china and silver.

Every seat had a hat on it and the ladies were quick to put them on and pretend that we all had been transported back in time.

A mini etiquette lesson was given with a visit from Miss Harriet Windsor ( played by Shari King) from the late 1800's.

One setting had a mustache cup for any gentleman diner that might have arrived.

Afternoon teas such as vanilla cream, Moroccan mint and Sench prickly pear were served.

Thanks to our friends for all your help. You guys are the best!!!!

Quite a nice variety there.

Sisters came to help and dressed the part.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Name that Bug!!!!

My what big eyes you have!!!

We sure do have strange bugs!!!

Now for the study in light......

This weeks assignment in my photography class was to use the light. This is an example of Rembrandt lighting. I used the light from the living room to side light Sweetie our 16 year old cat.

Look into the light.