Monday, September 16, 2013

Charm School at Goatfeathers Studio

On September 11, 2013 Goatfeathers hosted the class "Oh So Charming".  Twelve participants attended and had a grand time.

Everyone started working right away.

The day was filled with creativity.  Each person finished twelve charms. 

Liz wore a darling apron made with antique lace. She was ready to work.
 Kim got so excited that day , she arrived an hour early.
 Donna made all her charms and realized that she could hang them on the necklace she wore to class. 
 Chris enjoyed the class but was excited to see all the elephants in the room.
 Cindy Jo closed her eyes just for moment.  "Oh what can I do with all these charms."
 Mary Ann was full of life and created some masterpieces.
 Rona packed up her charms and was headed for the hills after a fun day at charm school.  Must be nap time because she has her eyes closed also.
 Karen has already started putting her charms on a necklace. 
 Great display Sandy.
Renee has quite a flair for creating charms.

Carla worked hard all morning.  

Linda stayed after class to get extra credit and finish her necklace.  She got an A+ today.

The day was ever so CHARMING!  Thanks everyone for a fun day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Digital Art Show

The following pieces are on display for the Digital Art show at the UF Oak Hammock Gallery
Best Day Ever
This was taken at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City Florida with an iPhone and put through several apps and then Instagram.

dearest Sister
This is a picture of Sweety, Tiffany's cat.  Sweety lived for 13 years.
The rest is Photoshop.
Forever Free

The lady below was at the Olustee Civil War re-enactment. 

Simply Charlotte

My Katie, Granddaughter married to Jeffrey took the original picture of her daughter. 
This is my great granddaughter.  I took the picture off the Internet and ran it through the Filter Mania 2 App. 

I am not Andy Warhol
Taken with iPhone
App Filter Mania2

This is the original photo taken in the bathroom.

Artistic Statement

My art includes fabric manipulation, painting, stenciling, stamping, photography, digital art and mixed media.  These techniques allow me to create and show my love of the wonderful world of whimsy. I was a self-contained child whole world was made into an intricate fantasy using bits of cloth, paper, paint and crayon.  I love to play with all types of mixed media and enjoy using these new techniques to create my artistic expressions. My heart sings when using a variety of techniques with multiple overlays.  I think of these offerings as inspiration in the form of dreams brought into reality. The photographic works on display shows a variety of computer
hocus pocus that changes the original photo into one of total eye candy. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Inaugural Gelli Printing Workshop

It was a fantastic day.  Wednesday July 10 Goatfeathers Studio opened with a bang.

The tag on the plant says Best Day Ever
Here are some pictures from the workshop.  The event promptly started at 10 with an overview of Gelli Printing and a fabulous trunk show of items made by Merri and Celeste. 

Recycled bags and lots of tags.

Paper book made out of a used mailing box.  Insides filled with delicious , yummy Gelli papers.
Look what I did MOM.....

Sue has found a new passion in life.  Gelli printing...

Prints, prints and more prints

Jane has mastered the printing and now on to stamping.

 Barbara is  drafting some creation for fabric goodness.

Jane was proud of all her pieces.  These are her two favorites. 

The ladies enjoyed a great lunch prepared by the Gourmet Chef on staff:  Merri

Sometimes a tea party ends up at the strangest places.
Looks to me like a martini dessert party.

 After lunch, stamp making was tackled.  Carla has made the swirl that goes down the rabbit hole.
What grand colors.  I can see this on fabric now.
A bonus lesson was given on Washi Tape.  Everyone learned how to make this tape using their newly printed paper and also how to use fabric or even paint their own. 
Goatfeathers ( that means Celeste) is going to film a short video on how to make your own Washi tape.  Stay tuned. 
Gelli Printing will be held one more time.  October 9, from 10 - 2, will be the last and final offering of Gelli Printing.  If you want to sign up be sure to email Celeste.  To guarantee a spot payment must be received.  Class size is limited. 
There might even be an Gelli Printing 2 class in January.
Look what you will learn in that class. 
Not to mention that you will use all your prints to make a wonderful book.
Keep Gelli printing.
It is addictive.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My sister and I have started a new and exciting venture. 

Enter Goatfeathers Studio
      Goatfeathers Studio is a mixed media and fiber arts space dedicated to both the creation and sharing of a love for textiles.  The purpose of the studio is to offer a space where artists can come to learn new and exciting ways to work with textiles and mixed media.  A series of workshops will explore textile manipulation, surface design and mixed media applications.     
The owners, Celeste Beck, and her sister, Merri McKenzie, have had a lifelong interest in textiles.  Both sisters grew up sewing and went on to enjoy careers in education.  Now retired, the sisters have joined forces to share their enthusiasm for their love of textiles and mixed media.

     The studio is located in Fort White, Florida conveniently accessible from I-75.  The workshops are limited in size so that each participant can explore the techniques, process, or project that is being offered.  The sisters believe that a small group setting allows independent discovery for each student to explore their creative boundaries.
     Don’t be shy --- take up the challenge to learn new and exciting techniques to enhance your fiber art work.  Your creative journey begins with intention.  Let us assist you in your creative development.  Workshops are offered the second Wednesday of each month.  All supplies and tools are provided and the modest fee includes a light lunch.  Vegetarian menus are available on request.
     Please check the schedule to register for your space to indulge in a personal journey of creation and share the excitement.  We look forward to meeting you and enjoying a day filled with surprises and fun. 
Merri and Celeste
Go take a peak at FACEBOOK
   You can sign up for our newsletter.

Look at the top right side of this page and sign up to get all the latest information about the textile and  mixed media workshops

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gelli Printing - Taking online class

Let the Gelli Printing begin. 

One must first have a Gelli plate, plenty of paint, paper and lots of room.

 Learning ombre painting. 
 These are ready for additional layers. 
 Kind of look neat just as they are.
 Three printing off one set up of paint. 

This is called a ghost print.
When I first started printing I made my own gelli plate from Gelatin.  It was really easy and keeps in the refrigerator for months.