Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pet Halloween Costume Party

This is Molly our Grand dog getting ready for the Halloween costume party at the Newberry Animal Clinic.
Molly: Notice how the orange necklace compliments my beautiful brown coat?

This is Festus our dog son who is wearing the collar that he was given by his Aunt Merri.
Festus: I am really a spider but I ate the legs off. Oh the indignity of it all. I do however have really nice fur.

Just so you all know I still can sew. Is she just the cutest thing? Looks just like a Tootsie roll.

Molly: Good grief why do I have to wear this silly thing? I even have this twist tie on my neck. I have a twist tie for my tail also but it was bothersome so I pulled it off.

Molly: Wow look at this dapper guy.

This is the judge for the contest. I think he look so much like Shari's husband. The resemblance is uncanny.

Dog: Argh matey.

Dog: I think I am going to through up. This is just a little too much.

Dog: Why is that big dog licking his chops?

Dog: I theem to haveath a problem with my toungeth.

Dog: I am related to Aunt Merri's dogs the Wild Hybrid Underbitters.

Ferrets: Grrrrrrrrrrrr. There I guess I scared you.

Wow, look at Steve parade that Molly around. I think he might be ready for really big dog show in England. Notice the good sturdy practical shoes, just what is needed for showing off the dog.

Festus to Molly: Let's pull really hard on the leashes and maybe we can get some dog treats.
Molly to Festus: What are those orange and black things hanging off your head.? Is it spaghetti?

Is that just too cute........

Steve: I am just resting here while the dogs have fun. Where are the snacks?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kanapaha Gardens

I have been testing my photography skills and took this on auto.
The same photo doing what is called back lighting.
Giant Bamboo
The Orchid Society was having a show at the Gardens.
Fluffy grass.
Fast Shutter Speed
Handheld slow shutter speed ( 1/10) Very slow to be hand holding.
Giant water lilies. These are almost 8 feet in diameter.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Victorian Butter Dish Wind Chime

About two years ago, Virgina Howard and I went antique shopping here in High Springs. I found this lovely Victorian butter dish and Lord knows everyone must have one for the finely set Southern table. I snatched that right up before Virgina could take another breath. Yes siree Bob, I had me a dandy treasure.
I took it to the silversmith to get it re-silvered only to find out it was way too expensive for something that might never see the light of day. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this hair-brained idea......wind chime.
All the beads are from recycled necklaces. The green ones are real jade. Ribbon compliments of Maryann.

I got out all my aggression by pounding the silverware flat. Then I had to learn how to use my drill. I never have learned how to change the bit so I just kept drilling until I had nothing left of the bit but the nubbins. No I am not going to ask for help...well I guess I have to now because I can't drill without a new bit. Opps, remember in the last post where I asked Steve to drill the magic wand........( that was the real reason he had to do it for me.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magic Wand

Today I attended the Altered Art group in Lake City at Scrappy Papers.

Our project for this month was to make a magic wand. Here is my magic wand. I purchased the frog at a garage sale and then I had to have Steve drill a hole in the bottom. I bet you did not know that magic wands had holes in the bottom. Just how do you think the fairy dust gets inside?

Two other ladies attended and made wands also. This pink one is made by Christie out of polymer clay. There is a bead inside that is very magical and very old. Notice she wore pink to match her wand.

Joann delighted us with her creativity for her Lady Bug Magic Wand. She used netting that was 30 years old and tied little puffs in the tails.

Next month's project: Use game pieces (ex. domino's, dice, playing cards, bingo chips or game boards ) to create an altered art project.

Meeting date November 9, 2:00 - 4:00. Nan will do a demo and hands-on project on inchies. Nan was not able to attend today so I did a hands-on project on the toilet paper roll books.

When I came to the meeting today I noticed that Gayle had put pumpkins out in front of the store. This is one of her pumpkins. I think it needs some magic. She put it out on Monday and by Thursday it had started it's demise.

Abracadradbra!!!! It is whole again!!!!!! Magic you know..........

Update on Scarecrow Family

I let a nice husband and wife move in the front yard and they said they had no children and no pets. Well guess what! They have two children as you can see in the picture. Oh well everyone is well behaved and I never hear any commotion out front, well, just a little commotion but that is from the dog across the street. I guess they must be taunting him. See what happens when you move to the country, there is no more Red Hat Society, just the Black Hat Society. Yippee I have about 4 black hats.

Yes sirree... That is just the right touch by George. I won't tell her about the animals that have moved in, like the dead armadillo by the mailbox. The landlord will be so verclumpt. Let's don't tell her about the bats either.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Oh my did you see those warts on that pumpkin.Would you look at all these pumpkins. Which one should we choose?
I want this one. Hey look at that furry pumpkin wearing an orange shirt. New variety?

This small one is good.
I can always wear it as a hat.
Kung Fu the pumpkin, it has warts.
I can't see a thing. These new glasses are not working.
Looks orange to me.

Look what I did to this photo with Photoshop Elements.