Monday, September 16, 2013

Charm School at Goatfeathers Studio

On September 11, 2013 Goatfeathers hosted the class "Oh So Charming".  Twelve participants attended and had a grand time.

Everyone started working right away.

The day was filled with creativity.  Each person finished twelve charms. 

Liz wore a darling apron made with antique lace. She was ready to work.
 Kim got so excited that day , she arrived an hour early.
 Donna made all her charms and realized that she could hang them on the necklace she wore to class. 
 Chris enjoyed the class but was excited to see all the elephants in the room.
 Cindy Jo closed her eyes just for moment.  "Oh what can I do with all these charms."
 Mary Ann was full of life and created some masterpieces.
 Rona packed up her charms and was headed for the hills after a fun day at charm school.  Must be nap time because she has her eyes closed also.
 Karen has already started putting her charms on a necklace. 
 Great display Sandy.
Renee has quite a flair for creating charms.

Carla worked hard all morning.  

Linda stayed after class to get extra credit and finish her necklace.  She got an A+ today.

The day was ever so CHARMING!  Thanks everyone for a fun day.