Friday, January 27, 2012

Dillon Capers

We have a new puppy.  Dillon was born November 12 and came to our house on December 29.
Oh my which one to choose.

Oh I just love this one.

Edward had to come and help us select the perfect puppy.

That is my sister Annie. She belong to my friend Sharon.  Annie is on the right. 

The day arrived and we became new Mom's.  Each puppy weighted about 7 pounds.

Oh how cute.  I am 8 weeks old.

Mom got me a new kitty just for me to play with.  That is Binx the Monster cat.

The cat and I are world travelers or anyway just to Savannah.

Look what I can do.  Is that creative or what?  Edward wants me to come back really soon.

I am now 19 pounds and get to play outside.  I am 10 weeks old.