Monday, May 10, 2010


When you visit Apalachicola, which means people on the other side of the river, it is all about oysters. Oyster Rockefeller, fried, steamed and raw.
I think I might have a fetish for doors and windows. Who was the storekeeper for this one?

Could you buy Nehi here? Orange grape or root beer?

I want to get a new book.
Just walking along, singing a song.
Bye, bye birdie......

Shrimp boats at sunrise.

Oh what a beautiful morning....... All the birds were so cooperative with my photo shoot.

We are quite adaptable. Maybe we can try out for Cirque du soleil.
Whew your feet smell.

Ethel what do you think? I don't know George...What do you think?
I think the lady with the camera is crazy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Magnolia Kitty

Do you just love this picture? I think it looks like a post card or could even be a poster. This is my friend's Shari's cat Magnolia. She is going to live at the Madhatters. I guess that means she is going to be in Alice and Wonderland. This picture was taken with my little Cannon Power shot. Sometimes when the light is right and you have a cute subject it does not matter if you have the big camera.