Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Belle Glade Saga Continues

Dr. Gallon, President of Palm Beach State College asked me
to come back to the college for a short while.
  How exciting was that. 

Of course I said yes. 

That was in July.
I am back...........

Nothing like Wellington to enjoy the beautiful sky and great weather.

This is the Pahokee marina on the 500,000 acre Lake Okeechobee.

In almost every canal there lurks the great Florida alligator.
Some can get as big as 13 feet long and weigh over600 pounds. 
At night you can see shining eyes eerily looking at you from the side of the road.

 In the olden days everyone would come by boat  to this trading store. 

 These are beautiful art pieces that are outside the prison in Belle Glade.

 Another great mosaic made by the children in Belle Glade. 

Stay tuned for the visit to Lion County Safari.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Back

I have been gone since July 15- December 19, 2012 on a special assignment with Palm Beach State College as their Interim Provost for the Belle Glade Campus. 

The View from my home in Wellington

The Sugar Shack

Sugar is king in Belle Glade.  They started harvesting the cane around the end of October. 

Subsidence Post

Belle Glade has a sign that says "Her Soil Is Her Fortune".
Her soil is disappearing at a rate of 1 inch per year.  When dirt is exposed to air it disappears.  One of the management practices is to cover the soil with water, hence the use of rice patties when the land is fallow.  Many homes have lost so much dirt that their foundation is exposed and it looks the home was built on tall concrete pilings.

Stay tuned for Part 2.