Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shari the Fortune Teller

Let me peer into my crystal ball. I see dog biscuits in your future.
Shari has been practicing her crystallomancy which is the reading of the crystal sphere. She had to keep tuning in to the correct frequency with the special knob on the top.

I see a bath in Molly's future! Lala la la eeeehhhh

I got my hair done and nails. I now need a new outfit.

Samantha did not want her fortune told.

Oh look it is a Churchill dog. What happened to your beard man?

Oh my, you must have run into the door. Got to watch that.

Mouse treats.

Thank you Newberry Animal Hospital for the fun afternoon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exploding Box and Button Jewelery

These two bracelets were made for a friend of mine whose mother did piece work years ago. I made this a testament to her mother. These bracelets are all made from metal shank buttons. First you must remove the shank and then using E6000 glue, adhere the buttons to the button blank bracelet. Size of button is important.

This is a picture of a necklace made from buttons. I like how the necklace matches the plant, although it is hard to really see the detail of the necklace.

More button necklaces.

After I made these I needed a special box to give them to her so I used the old button boxes.
The top has one of the old buttons glued on with fibers as a bow.

This is an exploding box given to my friend Jeri. Inside are all the pictures from the quilt show.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hunt

Jelly Bean found an egg.

The Easter Egg hunt teams. Mom and Katelyn against Michael and Edward.

The winners with the most eggs and finders of the golden and bronze eggs.
Number one team!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Hello...Is anyone there?

Oh I don't have a cell phone yet.

Another documentary photo.

Interpretive shot.

Walking in My Footsteps

Notice how dad and Samantha are marching on the right foot together.

Hey what about me?

Michael waiting to eat the chocolate Easter bunny!!!

Michael ate the chocolate Easter bunny. Yikes!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Taking another photography class taught by Allison Tyler Jones

Documentary Portraits verses Interpretive
Most documentary portraits are those like the school pictures. Wedding pictures of the whole wedding party facing forward or even the family picture in front of the Christmas tree are documentary photos. They usually answer questions like who, what when and where. Interpretive pictures have much more life to them. As a photographer you are trying to show an emotion or to really show who that person really is. These types of photos try to capture what this person has to say. Watch in the coming weeks to see if I can capture that emotion or feeling.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sgt. First Class Steven Beck My Hero

Wow an Officer and a gentelman. His Dad and I are so proud of our son.!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quilt Show Ends and Thank You's

We want to thank Tony Boothby for allowing us to use his store front. It was perfect for our show. We could not have done this without our friends from the Friday Lunch Bunch. They jumped in to help setup, clean up and staffed the show as well. Big thank you to Lynne for doing the staging for the show. Thanks Trenton for the loan of the quilt poles.

I put on two demonstrations at the quilt show. One was on making fiber necklaces and the other was creative ways to use buttons.

Lynn from Decades gave a History of the American Quilt.

Jeri gave several demonstrations on using embellishments on your quilts. She is wearing her latest creation. Notice the grand necklace. It is called Primitive Howl. She made it while she was feeding the horses and mucking out the stalls. She is one talented lady. At the end of the show she presented it to me.

Not only did people come in droves but we had a doggie visitor as well. This is Banjo.

He even sat in on one of the demonstrations, gave a big yawn and settled down for his afternoon nap.

Here are the fearsome four that put the whole show together. Suzie, Celeste, April and Jeri. Yes we are still friends.

Carolyn drove all the way from Key West so she could see her Grandmothers Quilt.

After closing down the show it was time for some libations and just having a good time. Bev Hilton and her husband joined us. She is the President of the American Sewing Guild Ocala Chapter.