Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shari the Fortune Teller

Let me peer into my crystal ball. I see dog biscuits in your future.
Shari has been practicing her crystallomancy which is the reading of the crystal sphere. She had to keep tuning in to the correct frequency with the special knob on the top.

I see a bath in Molly's future! Lala la la eeeehhhh

I got my hair done and nails. I now need a new outfit.

Samantha did not want her fortune told.

Oh look it is a Churchill dog. What happened to your beard man?

Oh my, you must have run into the door. Got to watch that.

Mouse treats.

Thank you Newberry Animal Hospital for the fun afternoon.


merriberri said...

oopha --- I see grooming in someones future. Umn --- I see treats for everyone. Oopha --- that Shari really has skill with that crystal ball. That is one talented fortune teller!

Thauna said...

Funny! Looks like a good time!