Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exploding Box and Button Jewelery

These two bracelets were made for a friend of mine whose mother did piece work years ago. I made this a testament to her mother. These bracelets are all made from metal shank buttons. First you must remove the shank and then using E6000 glue, adhere the buttons to the button blank bracelet. Size of button is important.

This is a picture of a necklace made from buttons. I like how the necklace matches the plant, although it is hard to really see the detail of the necklace.

More button necklaces.

After I made these I needed a special box to give them to her so I used the old button boxes.
The top has one of the old buttons glued on with fibers as a bow.

This is an exploding box given to my friend Jeri. Inside are all the pictures from the quilt show.


merriberri said...

I can't wait to hear how they both liked their gifts. Since I both the button gifts and the exploding box I know how fabulous they really are. The boxes you made for the button gifts were absolutely fabulous! Good work!

Bethany Kartchner said...

What beautiful jewelry! Who would have thought that buttons could be so elegant? I love your boxes too. Such a lovely gift.

Anonymous said...

I recognize that exploding box! Lovely. I just bought a book on making button jewelry; what a coincidence! (I have hundreds of buttons - which is never enough, of course). I love your examples; very inspiring!

Thauna said...

The button jewelry is beautiful! I esp. love the white/cream one!