Monday, April 6, 2009

Show Stopper at the High Springs Quilt Show

This quilt , made in 1848, commemorates the War of 1818, the first Seminole War. General Andrew Jackson went to war against the Seminoles at St. Marks, Florida. Many skirmishes occurred all the way across the panhandle and down to Paynes Prairie. Thank you Mrs. Ross for allowing us to hang this never before displayed quilt.

The red and blue material was cut from the coats of the military uniforms. The red may even be from British Red Coats. The brown or Khaki is from the trousers. The whole quilt is wool and is quite heavy.

Notice in the middle of the quilt, the fourth square down is not consistent with the others in that row. One lady visiting the show said it was a Jesus square. That means that man is not perfect and we should never have our work perfect. Only God can be perfect.

Mrs.Joyce Ross won the Contemporary Viewers Choice award for this beautiful quilt.
Mrs. Nancy Boone won the Heirloom View's Choice for this 1933 quilt from her collection.

This crazy quilt was made in 1884. All the lace is handmade as well as all the embroidery. This quilt has many squares of silk that have begun to fray. During that time period, silk was dyed with lead to make the fabric weigh more since it was sold by the pound. The lead is causing the silk to be destroyed. Thank you April Baily for sharing this quilt.

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merriberri said...

I be the ladies loved their prize ribbons that you made. I loved all of the quilts but my all time favorite was the never before seen quilt made of military jackets. It was awesome!