Friday, July 6, 2012

Flags Mixed Media

After taking the Mark Making class and Be Free, Be Free Class
I have moved on to making flags. 

 These are garden flags that have been sewn and then painted.

May the sun shine upon you daily.

Be Present

 I was inspired by Tracy Verdugo's painting and her choice of colors. 

 She is also on facebook and is an amazing painter. 


Merri made this great flag.  The spirit in me see the spirit in you!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mark Making with Mixed Media

Bring out the paints, glue, brushes, stencils, spay bottles, markers and pens, OH MY!!.

 These are the surface design tools needed to make FAB art.  Instruction was fiven to be sure and collect inspirational pieces along the way as color and pattern is so important in the scheme of things.

I took a class from ruthie Miller from the Fabric Art Shop in Lake City, Florida in exploring surface design techniques.  She showed us how to transform  plain old fabric into quite funky designs. 

 Ruthie our teacher is scratching her head wondering just what do with us!!!!
She said we were her most creative students!!!  I am sure that is what she said.
Joyce wants to know who wants this stencil?

 Merri, my sister always has the best ideas and is creating up a storm.
Joyce still wants to know... who wants this stencil?

These are some of my pieces.
Do you just love the roach on the yellow fabric?  I did all these. 
The blue one is done with a bleach gel pen. 

Joyce finally gave up on the stencil and began to create using a credit card.

  That is all she talked about was how wonderful art was with a credit card. 

I thought shopping was wonderful with a credit card also.

These are my fabric pieces all lined up.  I plan to use them in a fabric journal.

 Merri finished her pieces.  See the little beetle bug stamped fabric.

Love the JUJU in the middle and guess who used the stencil.  Way to go Merri!!!

A week later we came and did a class on using the sewing machine to add embellishments to our already painted fabrics.  Free motion stitching.  Ruthie kept say be free, be free.

I felt so free I made  flags using all that I learned in her class.  Stay tuned for the unveiling of the flags.