Sunday, April 5, 2009

High Springs Quilt Show

This week the High Springs Sewing Society along with Main Street presented the High Springs Inaugural Quilt show. We had over 300 visitors to view many wonderful heirloom and contemporary quilts.

This quilt show was a testament to all of our ancestors.

Mary Etta Jennings Bell August 13, 1884 - April 8, 1963
Vincent, Alabama

We always called her Big Mamma.Aldie Sue Deason Scales

December 6, 1873 - October 20, 1962

Coker, Alabama

We called her Mammie.

The man in the photo is Memnon Cledith Scales our Daddy.

My sister dug through the family trunks and brought out several quilts that have been in the family since the early 1900's. Our grandmothers lived in Alabama and really needed to have warm quilts for the family.

My sister Mary Elizabeth and I are quite proud of what our grandmothers did with their quilting skills. Our family quilts were all displayed in one area.

This is an example of what was done with Sears and Roebucks men's wool suiting samples. My grandmother either ordered these samples or the traveling salesman must have left his suitcase. My grandmother never let anything go to waste.

This is a wonderful example of the Dresden plate design. Fabrics are from flour sacks.

This pattern is called a Hole in the Barn Door. It has the flour sacks and seersucker fabric as well.

The red quilt had homespun on the back. Our other grandmother Aldie Deason Scales spun the fibers and then wove it into the fabric. The rocking chair belonged to our Grandmother Mary Etta Jennings Bell. Standing in the middle of all these quilts gave my sister and me such a feeling of pride and connections. The family would be so proud to have them displayed for all to enjoy.

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merriberri said...

What a fabulous quilt show! Sheila and I had such a great time. I thought our families quilts were beautifully displayed and interpreted. Thanks for all that you do to make experiences so enjoyable for others.