Friday, April 10, 2009

Taking another photography class taught by Allison Tyler Jones

Documentary Portraits verses Interpretive
Most documentary portraits are those like the school pictures. Wedding pictures of the whole wedding party facing forward or even the family picture in front of the Christmas tree are documentary photos. They usually answer questions like who, what when and where. Interpretive pictures have much more life to them. As a photographer you are trying to show an emotion or to really show who that person really is. These types of photos try to capture what this person has to say. Watch in the coming weeks to see if I can capture that emotion or feeling.


Thauna said...

These are wonderful pictures! I need to take a photography class! Are you taking it locally or online?

cat whisperer said...

Celeste I absolutely love the photo of Ed seated in the car! The way the light shines across his face and oh what a face!

merriberri said...

What is Samantha looking at?