Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magic Wand

Today I attended the Altered Art group in Lake City at Scrappy Papers.

Our project for this month was to make a magic wand. Here is my magic wand. I purchased the frog at a garage sale and then I had to have Steve drill a hole in the bottom. I bet you did not know that magic wands had holes in the bottom. Just how do you think the fairy dust gets inside?

Two other ladies attended and made wands also. This pink one is made by Christie out of polymer clay. There is a bead inside that is very magical and very old. Notice she wore pink to match her wand.

Joann delighted us with her creativity for her Lady Bug Magic Wand. She used netting that was 30 years old and tied little puffs in the tails.

Next month's project: Use game pieces (ex. domino's, dice, playing cards, bingo chips or game boards ) to create an altered art project.

Meeting date November 9, 2:00 - 4:00. Nan will do a demo and hands-on project on inchies. Nan was not able to attend today so I did a hands-on project on the toilet paper roll books.

When I came to the meeting today I noticed that Gayle had put pumpkins out in front of the store. This is one of her pumpkins. I think it needs some magic. She put it out on Monday and by Thursday it had started it's demise.

Abracadradbra!!!! It is whole again!!!!!! Magic you know..........


Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, I wish I'd been able to come! I have a realy pretty wand, too - I'll bring it next time. PS: Love your scarecrows, but I haven't seen that gorgeous wind chime anywhere (lucky for you)! :)

nightowl said...

Love your frog wand! So glad you could do the TP books today and look forward to seeing you next time. I'll bring my sea wand then too.

Lucy Edson said...

Wish I could have been there, too!! Looks like some magic was made anyway! lol

See you next month! :)

merriberri said...