Monday, October 13, 2008

Victorian Butter Dish Wind Chime

About two years ago, Virgina Howard and I went antique shopping here in High Springs. I found this lovely Victorian butter dish and Lord knows everyone must have one for the finely set Southern table. I snatched that right up before Virgina could take another breath. Yes siree Bob, I had me a dandy treasure.
I took it to the silversmith to get it re-silvered only to find out it was way too expensive for something that might never see the light of day. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this hair-brained idea......wind chime.
All the beads are from recycled necklaces. The green ones are real jade. Ribbon compliments of Maryann.

I got out all my aggression by pounding the silverware flat. Then I had to learn how to use my drill. I never have learned how to change the bit so I just kept drilling until I had nothing left of the bit but the nubbins. No I am not going to ask for help...well I guess I have to now because I can't drill without a new bit. Opps, remember in the last post where I asked Steve to drill the magic wand........( that was the real reason he had to do it for me.)