Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update on Scarecrow Family

I let a nice husband and wife move in the front yard and they said they had no children and no pets. Well guess what! They have two children as you can see in the picture. Oh well everyone is well behaved and I never hear any commotion out front, well, just a little commotion but that is from the dog across the street. I guess they must be taunting him. See what happens when you move to the country, there is no more Red Hat Society, just the Black Hat Society. Yippee I have about 4 black hats.

Yes sirree... That is just the right touch by George. I won't tell her about the animals that have moved in, like the dead armadillo by the mailbox. The landlord will be so verclumpt. Let's don't tell her about the bats either.

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