Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pet Halloween Costume Party

This is Molly our Grand dog getting ready for the Halloween costume party at the Newberry Animal Clinic.
Molly: Notice how the orange necklace compliments my beautiful brown coat?

This is Festus our dog son who is wearing the collar that he was given by his Aunt Merri.
Festus: I am really a spider but I ate the legs off. Oh the indignity of it all. I do however have really nice fur.

Just so you all know I still can sew. Is she just the cutest thing? Looks just like a Tootsie roll.

Molly: Good grief why do I have to wear this silly thing? I even have this twist tie on my neck. I have a twist tie for my tail also but it was bothersome so I pulled it off.

Molly: Wow look at this dapper guy.

This is the judge for the contest. I think he look so much like Shari's husband. The resemblance is uncanny.

Dog: Argh matey.

Dog: I think I am going to through up. This is just a little too much.

Dog: Why is that big dog licking his chops?

Dog: I theem to haveath a problem with my toungeth.

Dog: I am related to Aunt Merri's dogs the Wild Hybrid Underbitters.

Ferrets: Grrrrrrrrrrrr. There I guess I scared you.

Wow, look at Steve parade that Molly around. I think he might be ready for really big dog show in England. Notice the good sturdy practical shoes, just what is needed for showing off the dog.

Festus to Molly: Let's pull really hard on the leashes and maybe we can get some dog treats.
Molly to Festus: What are those orange and black things hanging off your head.? Is it spaghetti?

Is that just too cute........

Steve: I am just resting here while the dogs have fun. Where are the snacks?

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merriberri said...

The tootsie roll costume that Molly wore turned out great. I'm sorry you had to eat so many of the little ones to get your inspiration --- but, anything goes when it comes to energizing the creative forces.