Sunday, November 2, 2008

The week of Halloween

Edward called me from West Palm Beach last weekend lamenting that he could not find a Halloween costume. I said no problem just peel off a Chiquita banana sticker and paste it on your forehead and go as a banana. About one hour later he called to let me know he had found the perfect costume....a banana. I must be psychic. Now that is a nice ripe banana.

Festus wanted to show his dad how much of a role model he has been in his life. Festus says that when he grows up he wants to be a policeman. I think he has the perfect body for the uniform. He has his own gun and handcuffs. Once he had on the costume he did not move. I guess that is part of the stealth act.

Samantha came to visit on Thursday to show us her new shoes.

Perfect for an afternoon stroll.

I made cookies this week for all the ladies in our Friday lunch group. Each person either got a bat or a witch's hat. I also made a few Autumn leaves. The cookies are sugar cookies with black glitter sugar on them. They are quite tasty

On Saturday, my sister and I went to Micanopy to the Fall Festival. This is one of their grand houses.

Sunday was a trip to the Columbia County Fair.

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merriberri said...

I'm exausted from reading your blog about all of your activities. I hope my Goatfeathers mail doesn't get lost in cyber space again --- I do feel better finially seeing all of the photographs that you told me about but --- no more google goes to Vegas tricks. Please!