Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember when you were little and went to the fair

Oh the excitement of going to the fair when you were little. I remember going to the fair in Tallahassee every year. You know the fair really has not changed that much. There are still the barkers, the games of chance and plenty of stuffed animals to win.The Ferris wheel still looks the same. And there is always somebodies old tractor on display.
I just love the livestock. The pigs are one of my favorites.

That was then and this is now. What vivid colors and some creepy figures.

I still love the merry-go-round the best of all.
PS: All the pictures in this post were taken this year at the Columbia County Fair.


merriberri said...

All those photographs of the fair reminded me of my favorite fair food --- cotton candy! I wish I had some now --- all those pink sticky clouds were such fun to eat. Will you be purchasing a domestic cotton candy machine for your new outdoor kitchen?!! Think about it.

cat whisperer said...

While I was looking at these wonderful photographs I swear I could smell popcorn! How did you do that? Great pictures Celeste, many would be stunning in a frame.