Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Supply List for Domino Art Project

Supply List for Domino Art Project
I will supply two dominos per person and 2 bamboo tiles. If you think you want to make more pins or books you can get a very inexpensive set of dominos (28) at the Lake City Flea market. I think I paid 2.00 or something like that. They are inside the building where the Oriental people have their shop with big cardboard boxes of goodies.

Bring the following:
1. Regular scrapbook supplies
2. Ruler, scissors, paper cutter and bone folder, glue
3. I will bring ink pads and stamps but you might have something special you want to bring. You do not have to use small stamps as you can isolate a portion of a bigger stamp on the domino.
4. Bring some cord to use to close your book. You may even want to bring some small beads.
5. I will have the paper for the inside of the book.
I have used a theme for my little domino book. You might want to bring some small pictures that you can use in your little book. Check out this web site to see what I mean.
This web site has some examples of pins and necklaces.


JgWM said...

Thanks they look like fun!

Ayekah said...

yes, they look very cool, I like them. They do look like fun!
Thanks for the links as well.

merriberri said...

I got my stuff for the workshop. Yes, I did get cord --- black and taupe. I can't wait to make my little book.