Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Golden Orb Spider Embroiders on her Web

Mrs Orb has been busy this week embroidering her web in anticipation of the upcoming embroidery event. Notice the Herringbone stitches. She heard that I was getting my new PE Design Lite for my Brother machine and she has taken matters into her own legs. These spiders spin giant webs that have running strands that serve as warnings to larger creatures other than bugs, that means humans. When you run into one of the warning webs you are supposed to go the other way. I sure do, I run like crazy screaming like a banshee and waving my arms. I call what she is doing a runway, she calls it art. The carefully woven zigzag shows the way for bugs to land. Isn't she clever?

1 comment:

merriberri said...

That is not the itsy-bitsy spider that went up the water spout. That is one big mammouth hoo-hoo! Stay out of your yard --- oh, and please check the motorhome for residents.