Monday, January 12, 2009

Shadow Box

When Edward went into the Air Force his friends gave him a party and had a GI Joe doll with his face stuck on the doll. This doll sat on our TV for 4 years while he traveled the world to Iraq, Pakistan, Germany and Mombasa. It was a constant reminder that our son would return safe to America. I decided it would be nice to use some of his mementos of being in the Air Force to make this shadow box. If you look carefully you will see all his stripes. There are maps of each place he was stationed. The buttons on the box came from his uniform.

There is foreign currency that he got from each country. The picture of him is when he was in Iraq. I think it looks just like GI Joe.

1 comment:

merriberri said...

Edward's shadow box turned out really great. Good job! So --- what's next on your creative to-do list?