Sunday, June 7, 2009

Belle's Birthday Party

My best friend in the whole wide world invited me to her birthday party.

Hurry let's get to the party.
Look there is cake and everything.

Do I have to wear this silly hat?
Yes and you do too.

I like my new bandanna. Look it has my name on it. Thanks Molly.

Belle's Mom, Allison raises chickens. Edward is checking out the chicken to see if he wants to be a chicken farmer.

Thank you Belle. I had a wonderful time at the party.


cat whisperer said...

Those dogs look so happy together, I'm bummed I wasn't invited. I guess it was because of the dress code.. it called for fur and a tail

merriberri said...

The bandanas turned out great. Both Molly and Belle looked quite chic in their birthday attire. Will you make bandans for Edward's chickens with their names on them?!!