Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things that go......KA-BOOM

Ka-boom a tree fell on our motor home, Jeep, storage shed, trailer, and fence. Then my external hardrive with all my pictures and photoshop things went ka-boom. Lost everything.

Of course the fourth of July gives us a reason to celebrate ka-boom.

I was so excited that I finally learned how to use the slow shutter speed to capture the fireworks.

I used my new long lens and set up on a tripod.

We went to Lake City where they were celebrating the Fourth as well as their 150th anniversary.

Look very closely in the center. What do you see? Is it Michael Jackson?
Quick let me put this on ebay.

This one says it all. Happy Birthday America. Thanks to all our service men and women who are on foreign soil. This is a ka-boom celebration for you.


tinkalicious said...

Hi Celeste,love your photos! Although I paint, I am a mad mad photographer as well, so I appreciate your work! Pay me a visit and see Diana's Etsy shop!

tinkalicious said...

ps you are offically on my blog roll too

cat whisperer said...

What wonderful shots Celeste, I appreciated the ka-booms greatly.

Lucy Edson said...

Oh, no, Celeste! Were you able to recover anything? I do hope so!

Wonderful photos!! I must learn to start shooting in manual!!