Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scarecrow Row Alachua, Florida

This Sunday Alachua Florida held their Fall Festival complete with scarecrow Row.
Just in case you do not think that scarecrows are still being employed I thought you should see one at work. He keeps his vigil on a beautiful garden here in High Springs.

Now there is one scary lady. The sign reads you should only be scary one day a year. It is sponsored by a clothing store.

Yeah for the Red, White and Blue!!!!

It was a beautirful day and this year the scarecrows were the best.


merriberri said...

Those were some cool scarecrows. I think we should have a similar festival here in White Springs.

cat whisperer said...

Hey thanks for these shots! I missed the festival this year and I always enjoy the scarecrows. I agree there were some fabulous entries this year!