Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Samantha in her Easter dress and hat.
Pink of course.!!!!!

Dogwoods in bloom are a sure a sign that spring is here.
All of these pictures have been processed in Camera Raw. I am taking classes on Lynda.com and it is like a sickness. I can't get enough of the information.

This is the first year I put up a finch feeder and now we are being eaten out of house and home with all the beautiful yellow finches.

Molly was invited to an Easter party and she jumped into the swimming pool for her first swim of the season.

Look at how bold the colors are on these chickens. One of them even laid an egg just for me.

Edward is looking fine.

Stay tuned for more Camera Raw images once I learn how to use all the dials.

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merriberri said...

Keep on dialing --- you're doing fine and oh my, doesn't the birthday boy look fine?!!