Sunday, November 14, 2010


Saturday we went to the Bat Festival at Lubee Bat Conservancy near Brooker Florida.  We took a very scenic route through Alachua County along tree lined roads with cows gazing in the filed.  The temperature was perfect for a convertible ride.

Here at the center, they do research on fruit and nectar bats.  Most of the bats come from 
Australia and South America. 

While I am taking pictures I get up next to a fan that has some caution tape hanging from it.  It brushed my hair.  You know what I thought was in my hair.  I was very close to the blood curdling scream that is common when one gets a bat caught in their hair.

 I know you think all these pictures are upside down but the bats really do hang this way.

 If you click on this picture to make it bigger you will see a red tongue sticking out.

Luscious fruit was hanging everywhere for these bats.

 They sort of look like kites.  Their wings even have little hooks for them to hang off of.

This structure was at the site.  I think it looks like something from Jurassic Park.  There was nothing in these pens but look how high they are.  I am sure dinosaurs are in there some where.

Look at that big bat!!  Or is that my bat from the Belfry?

Oh yes they are just hanging around.  Kind of creepy but very exciting to see.


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