Monday, April 18, 2011

Rust Dyeing Workshop at Goatfeathers Studio

Fiber artists from the Quilters of Alacha County Day Guild in Gainesville, Florida visited
The Goatfeathers Studio
for a workshop on  rust dyeing
The ladies were delighted with a mini truck show given by Celeste of Goatfeathers.  Many types of fiber art were shared including jewelery and paintings of fairies and goddesses.

        Be sure to saturate your fabric with vinegar. 
        I prefer white vinegar and it can be used full strength.

          The types of rusted items these ladies brought were to die for.
           Oh my they even brought their own bugs.

          Sometimes it is best to lay your object out and let the image rust on the fabric. 
          Where ever the rusty  object touches the fabric is where your image will be.
          There will be over-rusting of the surrounding fabric.

           The fabric must remain wet/damp and be exposed to air for the items to rust.
  It usually takes 24 hours but may take longer.

Use a T-shirt to get your design in just the right place.

Peggy really was into rust dying.

Thanks ladies for coming to the workshop.
It was a great day and I hope pictures will be sent of your finished pieces.

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merriberri said...

This looks like a fun workshop. I wish I could see the completed fabrics!