Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relatives that look alike.

Have you ever noticed that when the relatives get together that there is a resemblance some where.

I can't quite put my finger on what we all have in common.

We came down to Tampa for Katelyn's graduation. 
At this point I began to see how much she looked like her Mom and Grand mom.

Big Steve has always had a fondness for the good life
and likes to see how all the family members are growing up and who they look like.

This is our oldest son Stevie.  Spitting image of his DAD.

He is married to Kelly who looks just like him. 

 Katelyn is her daughter and it seems they both have that great look.

This is Franna Nanna, Kelly's Mom who came all the way from California. 

Boy you can tell that they are mother and daughter.

This is Michael who has moved to California. 
 Katelyn is his sister. 

You sure can tell that.

Being the historian of the family I wanted to make sure that I captured all our likenesses for posterity. 
I know the family will just love that I photographed each of us and looked for that special trait that makes us all connected. 
 I think it is love. 


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