Monday, October 24, 2011

The Brown Paper Bag gets a Makeover

Believe it or not.  This is made from a brown paper bag.  I used the instruction from Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  Looks just like leather.

First wrinkle tha paper bag and paint it brown.  Then add flexible chipboard letters called grunge board, images etc.  These are made by Tim Holtz.  Use Temtex to make the book cover strong but flexible.

The most fun was learning how to do book binding.  There are several signatures with approximately 3 sheets per signature.

All the pages have been specially designed either using stencils, paint or stitching on fabric samples.

The book has been closed with an old macrame necklace and the feather came from Lucy the rooster.



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merriberri said...

I want to make one. It's fabulous! What day is the workshop?!!