Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fused Plastic Fabric

Take your plastic shopping bags and fuse them into wonderful art creations.

I posted this picture on Facebook and asked my
friends to give it a name.

  Oh what wonderful names they had. 
I decided to call this Caution Creative Zone  part of the Bag Lady Series.
On the back is a pocket with all the names they came up with.
As you view the piece you can pick the name from the back pocket to match your mood for that day.

 My next piece is titled Shopaholic Shrine part of the Bag Lady Series.

This bag is from Spencers.

My sister Merri made this great tote out of plastic shopping bags. 
Notice the gromets and clear plastic tubing for the handels.
I think she may have even crossed the police line.

These are two vases she made also.

Finally Merri, the whirling dervish,was done. 

The heart is made from fused plastic bags that have been painted with Lumiere paint.

 The saying on the side say it all.

For such a time as this!!!

1 comment:

merriberri said...

Plastic bags - oh my! I thought I was done but I still seem to be collecting plastic bags. Your two pieces are the B-E-S-T!!!