Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rusting Fabric Again and Stamping using Rit Dye

I just finished rusting 10 yards of fabric for our Fiber Muse Group that meets in Lake City.

This is part of a challenge where each person in our group will receive 12 squares of fabric. They are to stamp in black whatever design they choose. It can be one design done twelve times on the squares or different designs on each square.

In May we will exchange the squares and decide how we will use them. I might make an African Quilt. I have some fabulous fabric the Dr. Nwafejoku Okolie Uwadibie gave me upon his return trip to his native land of Nigeria.

One of my favorite things to rust with is the square thing that is used in house construction. Rusting is done by adding the iron pieces and speeding up the process by adding white vinegar. I usually let it set for at least 24 hours and sometimes longer.

This is rusted using nails and steel wool.

At the meeting we experimented using liquid Rit Dye. About 3 - 5 tablespoons are poured on a paper towel that is folded in half or you can use more layers. It is placed in a metal tray large enough for your stamps. Some stamps can be quite large. There were stamps that were at least 12 inches long.

Here is a great site for buying wood stamps  A Trade For a Trade.

One of the best tutorials is on this site.

Notice the stamped fern leaf. You can use all types of natural items. The rose is the cut end of celery.

The spiders I found hanging over the garage. Just kidding. The star is a potato cut in that shape.

 There is a good tutorial from Joggles about how to use stamp pads. 

I cut the end of Romain lettuce and got this lovely rose looking piece.  The bubbles are from a cork.  Using large sponge stamps makes great marks on fabric.  Make sure your fabric has been ironed.  You can even tape it down so the fabric does not move when you stamp.  I use painters tape.

This is done with one of the old wooden stamping blocks from India.


merriberri said...

We had so much fun in our Fiber Muse meeting playing with all the fun stamps that everyone brought to play with. I can't wait for my friend, Nancy, to come play with rusty stuff in White Springs.

NeeNee said...

I too enjoy my time in the Fiber Muse Club stamping on extra pieces of fabric. I am excited about working with my 12 blocks. Celeste was a great inspiration for this project