Friday, June 8, 2012

Stamping on Rust Fabric

Ready to show off our Rit dyed rusted fabric. Each person in our group was to stamp their squares of fabric.  They could all be one design or they could do a variety of things.

Exchange of rusted /stamped squares happened at the May meeting.  Our next task is to create something from these pieces.  We will display all pieces as a group in some art/quilt show.

My Goatfeathers studio is set for the event.

As part of our Fiber Muse group in Lake City we are now stamping our fabric that was rust dyed.

Use Rit Dye and put it in a tin pan over top of a folded paper towel.  We later found that just painting your stamp with a foam brush was equally as effective if not better.

Full Instructions are available here.  How to Block Print Fabric (stamping)

Use stamps that have fairly large details. 
Rubber stamps, foam stamps and block wood stamps can be used.

Clean up is a breeze if you use hand sanitizer. 
 It cleans the stamps and gets all the dye off your hands.

Using material from nature makes wonderful stamps.  This is a bamboo leaf.

The fish on this was cut from very thin foam and scored with a pencil for the scale detail.

 Joyce liked using those computer parts.  Very Techie!!!

This was done with a plastic doily.

This work belongs to Joyce Ross.

Merri was creating an African look.


After awhile you could see that each person had their own style.  This is Merri McKenzie's art work.

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merriberri said...

This was such a fun day --- thanks for hosting us,oh favorite sister of mine. It was so intersting to see what we all came up with. I can't wait to see the final results in the fall.