Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sometimes a Hat Just Won't Do!

Fun times for the Fiber Muse group.  My sister and I deveoped a presentation on crowns.  
These crowns have been made from toilet paper rolls.

Check out previous crowns made on Goatfeathers.

No program is complete without crown cookies.

 All the Muses enjoyed a good coronation.

Crowns for the birthday party. 
These will be available soon on our Etsy site.

 Merri makes the artistic canvas crown.
 Madam Sandy reigns over us all.  Wait where is her scepter?
I guess that will be another lesson. 

PS  Is she related to Grumpy Kitty?

1 comment:

merriberri said...

Oh my --- this is just fabulous and don't we look cutie-patootie in our corwns at the coronation. I had so much fun helping with your presentation --- sure could use one of those delicious crown cookies right now for a royal snack!