Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stitched Blog Hop 2015 Tutorial and Giveaway

Oh boy this is my first blog hop where you get a chance to win one of my Magical Fabric Cuffs and learn how to create this flower-power shirt.

 I am going to teach you how to do this darling flower t-shirt using permanent alcohol ink markers like Sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

  And that is not having wine with your creative project.  Of course you could do that too. 

  • Clear pastic cups
  • Permanent alcohol ink pens like Sharpie or Bic Mark it.  Copic markers work also.
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Rubber-bands
  • Pipette or eye dropper or other way to drip alcohol on material
  • White cotton t-shirt

Take your cups and place under the shirt and secure with the rubber bands.  Make sure your placement is pleasing and not stuck too close together.
Draw flower shapes on the top of the cups that have been fastened with rubber bands.  Use at least two colors keeping in mind that some colors create mud when mixed.  Try to stay away from colors that are across the color wheel from each other, like red and green.  Use adjacent colors for a pleasing blend, blues and greens work well.
Drip the alcohol slowing starting in the middle.  Don't put too much.  Watch how the piece is "bleeding."  You can always add more markers.

Remove the cups and rubber bands.

Add additional details with different size markers from ultra fine to brush size.  Always put a sheet of paper between the front and the back of your shirt so the black does not bleed through.  Yikes. 

Once your shirt is complete be sure to iron to heat set.  Wash separately in cold water the first time.
This is a shirt my granddaughter made.  She is 7.
Great project for you and your children or grandchildren or girl scouts. 

Check out my fellow instructors to see what goodies they have on their blog.

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Leave a comment and you will be entered in a chance to win one of my magical fabric cuffs.  

Here are the choice of your sayings.

Be dreaming about the color of paint you want as well.

You get to choose the paint color and the special saying that will bring magic into your life.  A random drawing will occur on Friday April 24 with the winner's name being posted on this blog and also the Facebook page Goatfeathers studio  

Check back to see if you are the chosen one. 
You will need to send your email address to me so I can get your special treasure to you. 


Jessica Hadden said...

Celeste, you are as magical as your creations! Hugs! Pearl

Creative Spirit said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your tutorial. said...

Celeste, I have a big wrist so I think that if I win I should get to choose two sayings because I really can't decide and I LOVE everything you make...I am learning towards "Choose happiness" but I can't get my eyes off of "Fearless" - you and your work are GEMS...with or without Patchouli dust! May you soar with your wonderful creations!

Allison CB said...

THose are so those t-shirts! Thanks for the tutorial - will have to try it!!!

Nancy said...

The simple Sharpie has gone over the top. Wonderful tutorial. A Magical Cuff wardrobe is just the ticket- love these.

Crafty Moira said...

Great technique, will definitely try it!

Deb Clarke said...

Excellent creative lesson. One to use now school holidays are here. Your cuffs are delightful and I'd say a real talking point.

Lou Haines said...

Thank you for the great tutorial! Can't wait to try this.

debbie katz said...

I Choose Happiness! In that beautiful turquoise color.
Pick me! Pick me!
Or just tell me when the next class will be.
Love ya!

LILO said...

I will have to try the t-shirt with my oldest granddaughter. It will be fun! If I am the winner of the magical cuff, I would like it to say " Choose Happiness" and be pink. :)

Ava Gavloski said...

Very kool tutorial on the T-shirt... fun fun fun

Audrey said...

I've been interested in this technique. You make it look easy!

Jeni Goldstein said...

I love everything you do! Thanks for the fun,cute tutorial!

Relishing Life said...

Fun t-shirt! The permanent markers as ink using alcohol is intriguing... And very fun!

Gill said...

Great tutorial - I'd love to try this!!

Emmy Jay said...

I'm already signed up for Stitched 2015, and my own cuff is nearly finished. By chance, I used the same CREATE tag -- but having a FEARLESS cuff to wear on my other wrist would be ex-cel-lent...

john hutchens said...

very beautiful. It was a great tutorial

Dar said...

Thank you Celeste for a chance to win a beautiful cuff!!

Debra Fillingim said...

Everything you create is magical! Love the flower power shirt and would LOVE to win the cuff!

Jill Werschin said...

I enjoy seeing what you and Merrie are always up to! I would love to win.

Annette said...

Hi pleae put my name in the hat for the drawing. The angel would be nice and whatever color she tells you to paint it will be fine with me. hugs and off to go create

Dar said...

Thanks Celeste for the chance to win one of your beautiful cuffs!! I would be happy with any color & any word.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the cuffs. Great creative idea. Keep those ideas coming. Hugs, Denise