Friday, September 12, 2008

Toilet Paper Roll Book

Always gather your tools. Exotic glasses are a must when one is creating. I have used three toilet paper rolls for this unusual book. Be sure to flatten them using a bone folder to get a sharp crease. On the left you can see the toilet paper rolls that I have covered with scrapbook paper. I like to use photo spray glue to adhere the paper to the roll. Use your hole punch and punch the holes on both sides. I had to do one side at a time and then mark the other side.
Inside the rolls you will be putting little tags that have pictures and other goodies. This book was a gift for a friend of mine for her birthday. It commemorated the Mother Goose Tea that was held in High Springs in May.

Each tag inside has a hole punched and then ribbons or yarn fibers tied in the hole.
Charms were added to the 1 1/2 inch black ring binders.
I think an artistic touch is to make sure embellishments overflow on the edges.

These tags highlight one of the charming young guests. Hope you have fun trying to make one of these.


merriberri said...

Nice layout and instructions but you forgot to mention how to get the toilet papaer roll book back on the dispenser or do you just hang it from a little hook for convenience?

Anonymous said...

Nice job! I'm so happy to have seen this in person. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Do you have your windchime hanging up yet? I am so seriously going to steal that thing! LOVED the bowling ball, too!