Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at the Becks

Molly and Festus got Pigs Ears for Christmas compliments of their favorite Aunt Merri.
Of course we were enamoured with them and had to try them on everyone.

I can almost taste them. Wild dog of Borneo.

I am Yoda......

By the time Stevie and his family arrived Molly had devoured one of the ears.

Samantha thought it was a sea shell.
Hey where are the sounds of the sea and why does this smell funny?

Ribbons are more fun than pig's ears. Do you like my new Hat?

The awe of Christmas or is it the Awhhhhhh of Christmas?

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merriberri said...

Who would think those pig ears I got from The Pet Spot (Rarebit picked them out after Dixie "fixed" his face, feet and fanny for our trip to Ocean Springs) would be such a hit! So glad they were so much fun. Love and Pigs --- Aunt Merri