Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yellow kitties

Beige 16 years old and the Alpha animal in the house. He lives both inside and outside.

Sweety, 15 years old. She does not like to be touched but loves to be in the crowd. Of course lately she has taken to following me everywhere and does the caterwauling if she can't find me. This cat lives inside.

Sweet Baboo, 17 years old. He sleeps most of the time but on occasion in the middle of the night he decides to call for anyone that will come to him. He likes to be groomed and I give him a lion cut each summer. I can tell you where he lives and it is on the bed most of the time.

We do have one more outside cat. His name is Jelly Bean.


merriberri said...

What a bunch of lazy fuzz-balls. Haggis and Rarebit would like to help them experience a little action.

cat whisperer said...

wow, stunning light in Beige's portrait, nice shot!

Tomi Brown said...

Merry Christmas! I love all your kitties! I