Saturday, February 21, 2009

Red Sunglasses

Do you ever notice that when you get something new and it is just over the top that all your friends end up having the same look?Maybe this is the start of the Red Sunglasses Society!!!! Obviously shopping in High Springs has its limitations. Before you know it we are all beginning to look alike.I want you to know that Jeri was there also but she was just a blur. Have you ever seen her sit still for long? She can get more done than a barn full of farm hands but she can't sit still.
We don't even know these people. They must be aliens who just dropped in. Maybe they are from Mars......One lady was from England and the couple were from Canada. Oh yes, they are up on the latest fashion.

Even the staff at Madhatters was sporting the new look. Nothing like eccentric behavior to support that name.
I know that all of you visiting this blog wish you had a pair of these also......


merriberri said...

I simply must have a pair of those divine red sunglasses --- so cool, so very chic!

cat whisperer said...

Could those smiles be any brighter?