Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Party

Samantha is all dressed for the Super Bowl Party. I got her this cute little skirt and top. Since she has been watching Project Runway she had her own ideas of how to create a fashion statement.

Katelyn showed off her culinary skills by testing out the new Cotton Candy machine and filling us in on the history of cotton candy. It was originally called candy floss.
We decided that Michael could not have a complete childhood unless he tried plastic bubbles. As you can see he is now an expert. We also gave him a whoopee cushion and then spent the whole evening listening to that. Served us right.......

Stevie showed us his new office at the University of South Florida. They have all the latest technology. I was dying to get my hands back in the college business.

Ok at some point we did watch the game. " No, no I will choose the station you get to watch." Samantha was helping and when there was a touchdown she threw up her hands and said touchdown. At least it sounded like that to me. I think that is her first word.

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merriberri said...

I think Samantha is definitely ready to give Project Runway a challange or two. Do you remember us doing that with our crinolines and we were a lot older?!!