Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visit to Tampa

We celebrated Easter early so Samantha would have practice hunting Easter eggs. She did a good job.
Exciting news. Stevie and the family are having a new house built. It will be ready at the end of May. It is just perfect for them and close to good schools.

We had a great visit with the grandchildren.

Samantha honored us with her constant babbling and saying " dog, plane and bidiebiddiebiddie."

Grandma do you like my new Easter hat? I think it will go with my new outfit.

Katelyn is staring a new fashion trend. I think I like it. Now where are my polka dot socks?

I like to go outside now and Daddy is going to get me a new red wagon. I can wear this outfit when I go out.

This is my final layout for my digital class which has over 50 layers. It was quite an extravaganza. I learned so many new skills and put in mega hours learning. I still am behind in the class and it is over so you will just have to wait for the next installment.


merriberri said...

Your layout is incredible. I would really like to see it printed out. It's fabulous --- oh, and Samantha is really cute too. I love that Daddy Stevie is getting her a new red wagon. She will be just the little princess riding around in it. Who needs a smelly old pumpkin to ride in anyway?!!

Thauna said...

You layout turned out great! I still haven't done mine yet. Trying to catch up.

Thank you for sharing your blog!!