Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mosaic Art Deco Bowling Ball

This is my second mosaic bowling ball. I have named it the Art Deco Piece because of the colors, pink, gray, black and sliver. This is the beginning of the messy part of grouting the whole ball.
First make sure to fill the finger holes with wood putty. Then sand the ball to help the mastic hold. The decision on the design is always the hardest part. I have been mulling on this design for about 6 months. The ball is made with 1 inch tiles, cut mirror, pink stained glass and large glass molten round globs.


Kt said...

It is very pretty. I like it a lot. What a great and novel idea!


cat whisperer said...

whewwww...didn't think that ball was ever going to see the light of day. nice design after all the hemming and hawwing my friend. I did note you mentioned sanding the ball! I never did that! Are all my balls going to fall apart?

merriberri said...

Oooooh --- it turned out great! I'm now inspired "to get a go" on my bowling ball. Thanks for the creative vibe.