Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strange things in Florida

This spider was over six inches long. Don't you wonder how I got this picture. You could here me screaming for miles around.

Huge insects down here.

Cigar stores are abundant in Ybor City.

This grasshopper is changing its skin.

There are some very large birds at the Gulf. I think it might be a pterodactyl.


merriberri said...

Ooooooo --- BIG Bugs and stuff. I thought I heard someone screaming. Now I know who!

Pam Shamel said...

Celeste, I linked to your blog from your ASG e-mail. What a delightful collection of photography! Big bugs are a Big deal in Florida! You are a great photographer and I love your whimsical collections of photos. Hope to see you at the Thursday mtg.
Pam Shamel