Friday, January 1, 2010

Fill er Up, Fill er Up, Fill er Up

A Blue Moon can be quite rare. Our blue moon occurred on December 31, 2009, New Year's Eve. In fact the next blue moon will not occur in December until 2028. There are special magical powers of the blue moon that one must capture. Take your purse or wallet or a bag if you do not have the other and hold up to let the moon beams fill your container.

If you don't have a purse, borrow one. Is that Samantha's or Stevie's? My it looks nice with your outfit. Even Big Steve gets into the festivities. Sometimes people get blessed in other ways. I think Katelyn received the good luck turtle, which provides you with long life. She also has on the magic bracelet.

Chant: "Fill er Up, Fill er Up Fill er Up" three times. This will bring you great wealth in the next year. See how the whole family participates in these pagan rituals. My sister really gets in the spirit.

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