Sunday, January 3, 2010

Miniature Carousel Horse visits Cadance

This is the tiniest horse I have ever seen. I am talking small, tiny, get the picture. I think it might be a small unicorn who has not grown his horn yet. Or better yet it is a horse that has come alive after living on a carousel. The children that rode him wished and wished for him to be a real horse and here he is. Maybe his father was Gipetto.
Blue eyes are a sure sign of magical powers. I think he might sprout wings at any time and be the Winged Warrior.
Children love him. I think he is sleeping and dreaming of miracles that he can perform. Wake up magical pony.
Just one kiss and my prince will come. I wonder where the fairies are.
Come with me and we will fly away to never never land.
I only need one wish. Please just grant me that.
If I hug you can I have a wish also?
Dad is keeping a watchful eye for dragons and other mystical creatures that might take the dreams away.

If you want to know more about these therapy horses visit this web site.

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cat whisperer said...

you are the sweetest fairy godmother on the planet