Monday, February 1, 2010

Visit to West Palm Beach

I returned to Palm Beach Community College only to find out that the name had been changed . It is now called Palm Beach State College. Good thing they did not move the campus or I never would have found it. I had a wonderful visit with old friends and colleagues.Jeannine Burgess and Dr. Chris Columbo filled me in on all the new things going here.Dr. Offiong Mkpong is still just as wonderful as he always was.Jose is still keeping the building looking so good. We shared stories about the Masons. Sam came by to let me know that there are still plenty of pink flowers on the campus. Thanks Sam.

"Crash Cart Carolyn" is still the Diva of Online Learning. She is just the best!!!!!


Our front tire blew out on the motor home at mile marker 136.
Sheesh we just left!!!!

We did make it to the South Florida Fair. Big Steve wanted ice cream.

We had a great visit and will be back next year.

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merriberri said...

These are wonderful pictures of you and your friends. You look so skinny! Wowsie!