Monday, June 21, 2010

Fairy Godmother of Etiquette

Once upon a time there was a Fairy Godmother of Etiquette.
She taught the children to say please and thank you.
See the fairy dust.
Say the magic words and smiles will be all around you.

Oh what a tiny horse. Now this is magic!!!!!
When I moved from south Florida I was sure I had left all the Fairy Godmothers there shopping at Bloomies. But NO!!!
Here they are in High Springs.....waving the Queen's wave.
(Hello Helen)

Sometimes the Fairy Godmother of Etiquette goes overboard.
Join me in the Congo line anyone?

Many of the children came to me and said "I love you Fairy Godmother!"
Oh my what a fun day, nothing like a crown and a wand to create magic.


BizzyBlond said...

How wonderful! There should be something similar for little boys as well.

merriberri said...

Please Fairy Godmother of Etiquette may I have another yummy sugar cookie toothbrush and molar from the Tooth Fairy Godmother. Thank you.

s. said...

i sure with the Fairy Godmother of Etiquette would visit my students have no manners!

also i LOVE your crown! ya know, there's just nothing like a tiara to brighten up your mood!