Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fairy Princess Tea Party

This is my magic wand. Owned by the Fairy Godmother of Etiquette.
Samantha came for the day to be a Fairy Princess.

Every child received a crown.

The real hit at the party were the tiny little horses.

The photographer came as the Photo Fairy and really got into costume.

Many of the children came in fairy princess dresses.

Snow White made an appearance.

Oh I wish you could have seen this darling dress. It was so beautiful.

Love the hat.

Everyone was given a magic wand and there sure was magic in the air.

Are those just the cutest wings you have ever seen?

Shari the Fairy Godmother of Make-up. She put little stars on all the children's faces and made them up so beautiful. The children loved the makeup fairy.

Fairy Godmother Arlene is to be thanked for her vision to have this tea party.

This is Merri the Tooth Fairy. She made little molar and pink toothbrush cookies. Many of the children thanked her for the money they found under their pillows.

Fairy Godmother of Feathers, Allison, has a peacock that lives in her yard. Oh I hope she did not pull those feather out of that bird. Allison is a former elementary school teacher and taught us to talk in quite voices and march around the room to "It's a Small World." Next thing we knew we were doing the Congo line, so much for decorum.

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merriberri said...

This was the most fun tea party ever!