Monday, September 12, 2016

Art Warrior Dolls

Nothing like making a great ART WARRIOR Doll. 
The doll is filled with creativity and magic.  When your art muse needs an extra dose of creativity go get your ART WARRIOR Doll. 

Goatfeathers Studio teaches this at Cootie Coos Creations in High Springs, Florida.  Each class has only 8 students so each person has individual attention.

Piles of fabric and trims are everywhere.

Stitching faces, arms and legs.  Nancy and Pearlie Girl are rocking it. 

Lila knows how to make an ART Warrior.  Princess Sassy Pants to the rescue.  POW  

Is that just the best smile ever? 

 Ok let's have a doll party.  Whoop Whoop Art Warriors one and all. 
 Now Lori, there are some sparkly legs.  I think we all should have some. 
 Great smile Sherry.  I know your doll will be ready for the ball in no time. 
 Kandy is still working on the face but she has a plan. 
 Oh Pearlie Girl:  I don't know how you do it but your doll just screams you!!!!
 Miss Joanie you sure do make a creative doll.  Your granddaughter is going to think you are so hip!
 Debbie added just the right thing for the ankle, a heart. 
Nancy really knows how to finish a doll.
It even has a name:  Charlene.  she is ready for a SOUL SISTER tea party now.  


Nancy said...

What a great collection of wonderful dolls! The day was such fun and there was abundant "doll fodder" available to make each one a truly personal expression. Bet you can't make just one!

merriberri said...

Oh my we certainly did have fun - I can't wait for the Art Warrior tea party!!!